Energy and Utility

Contract Drafting and Negotiating Contracts play an essential role in all aspects of power generation, transmission, and distribution. At Washington Energy Law LLP, we draft and negotiate all manner of contracts for our energy and utility clients— whether power supply and purchase agreements, generator interconnection agreements, participation and joint ownership agreements, or other transactional needs. We take a strategic and forward-thinking approach to contract drafting and negotiation that not only focuses on our clients’ immediate needs and risks, but also considers our clients’ long-term business objectives.

Bilateral Power Purchase Agreements

At Washington Energy Law LLP, we have significant experience assisting our clients negotiate and draft bilateral power purchase agreements (PPAs). The development of wholesale energy markets does not obviate the need for rate stability that bilateral power supply arrangements can provide to load serving entities. These complex arrangements can also provide a hedge against market risks and must be carefully drafted to reflect an entity’s overall objectives.

Generator Interconnections

While the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued standard interconnection agreements, the interconnection process remains complex. We are intimately familiar with FERC’s standard interconnection agreements as well as the related tariffs, rules, regulations, and practical considerations that apply.

Joint Ownership and Operating Agreements

Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating, drafting, and protecting joint ownership and operating agreements involving generation and transmission assets. We understand the importance of these arrangements to our clients’ operations and objectives. Understanding that these agreements will often lay the foundation for future endeavors, it is essential that they provide both adequate flexibility and protection. We help our clients make informed decisions focused on effectively balancing the various interests involved and protecting our clients’ rights in the context of a complex and changing regulatory landscape.

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